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We guarantee the highest purchase price!

Recycling catalysts is our job

We are a company with experience in purchasing and converting catalysts into precious metals. We are happy to accept any quantity of catalytic converters, both retail and wholesale.

Why sell to us

We process 1000 catalysts per hour using the latest techniques

Thanks to the latest technological achievements, we can process catalysts even faster, which means better efficiency without loss of quality.

Thanks to our experience and access to the latest technological solutions, we are able to extract precious metals from used catalysts.

We have the least cost per catalytic converter

Our costs are low, so you get more for each catalytic converter.

That means the highest price for you

We invite anyone who wants to sell catalytic converters, we accept any quantity and pay you a reasonable amount.

Sell us your catalytic converters and enjoy the money you earn!

How many raw materials do you need to produce 1 kg of platinum?

150 tons of platinum ore

450 tons of rocks

300 catalytic converters

Platinum ore rocks have to be excavated to a depth of nearly 1,000 meters, which is costly and harmful to the environment. Several hundred kilograms of catalysts have to be processed for the same amount of platinum, which is not only beneficial from an economic point of view, but also good for the environment.


About us

Catalysts Recycling Nederland has been active in the Dutch market since 2007 as a purchasing wholesaler. In 2015, in collaboration with our European partners, we will break open the catalytic purchasing market and show the Dutch market that it can also be done in a neat and fair manner.

Exchange rates

Price in $ per ounce.





We buy catalytic converters

Catalysts are installed in various commercial and industrial vehicles and machines. For example, you can find them in:





Agricultural machinery


Construction machinery


Mining machines




Ships and boats


Industrial machines

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