Platinum has lost $ 180 an ounce in the last month, palladium is down $ 435 an ounce, and rhodium is down $ 900 / ounce in the past two days.

As you know, all the decreases in the price of platinum, palladium and rhodium have an impact on the price decrease of used catalysts, which sometimes reach dizzying values thanks to these metals.

Once such situations arise in the industry, many merchants choose to wait for rates to return to normal before cashing in.

Is that a good solution? No, if the odds continue to fall, which we cannot predict. However, there is a better solution. Thanks to our leading position in the recycling industry, we can offer our partners a price guarantee.

What does this mean in practice? Well, our regular suppliers can set the prices of platinum, palladium and rhodium the day they decided to sell the material. They are then “frozen” for a predetermined period. Counterparties quite often use this option when needed.

Thanks to this convenience, they don’t have to worry about periodic stock market fluctuations, which are inevitable due to various factors.