When we write about the catalytic converters we buy, we usually mention models from passenger cars or trucks. Catalytic converters are widely used in the automotive, marine, off-road and stationary industries for diesel, gasoline and biogas engines.

However, you should know that catalytic converters are also found in construction, industry, mining and agricultural machinery. They are used in industrial thermal power plants, coal-fired power plants and coal turbines. Their elemental composition depends on the specific reactions in which they participate.

Among other things, a monolith can be found that is rich in valuable metals in coal boilers, filters, furnaces. For example, it is used in petrochemical plants that produce gasoline and other petroleum-derived fuels. Over time, catalysts that cannot be regenerated become waste. However, in the recycling process it is possible to recover valuable elements that can be reused in many industries.

The monolith comes to our laboratory in various forms – in blocks resembling honeycombs, in pieces, grains, pellets or in the form of sand.

For the needs of our customers, we analyze the elementary composition of the material supplied. We check the precious metal content using devices such as the XRF and ICP-MS spectrometer.