Wholesale purchase of catalysts

We invite entities with wholesale catalysts to cooperate

In addition to individual customers, our catalyst purchase also invites people and companies that have larger quantities of catalysts and ceramic monolith for sale.

To the wholesale purchase of catalysts and monolith we invite:

Car workshops

We will buy back used catalysts remaining after replacing this part at an attractive price from each owner of a car workshop.

Scrap purchase

We also buy catalysts from various scrap purchase centers, where old cars have been handed over.

Car scraps

Cars intended for scrapping are also often equipped with catalytic converters, so we will buy them in any quantity. They cannot be reused and we will offer you a better price than you could get in scrap metal.

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Advantages of working with us

People or companies with wholesale amounts of catalysts can count on professional treatment and advantages such as:

We pay in euros and you can count on the transfer immediately and receive an immediate confirmation that we will print.

Each client can count on our support in terms of pricing, sales and other matters related to catalysts.

Purchase of catalysts requires appropriate permits, and we have them! By selling catalysts to us, you legally get rid of used parts.

We will buy in bulk:

Ceramic catalysts

Metal catalysts

Ceramic monolith